2017 1st Bowman Base Autographs (Pricing Analysis)

Hi everyone. My name is Wesley, and I have tens of thousands of 90’s baseball cards worth more as kindling than a baseball card (unfortunately, I didn’t get or keep any of these more expensive 91 Donruss cards). Except for the memories. It was fun as a kid to collect.

Now, I still like to collect but part of that is having fun with it as pseudo-investments. I say pseudo, because I like to make money on some of my cards so that I can buy new cards. So, it’s more feeding the hobby and not investing. Part of that is trying to better understand the pricing of cards. Even those cards where the player never progressed very far.

So, I’m going to do some retrospective looks at previous year’s sets. And look at their current pricing. And if possible, pull up some older pricing as well as comparison points. But, really, I am most interested to see the minimum cards can go for if an “investment” falls completely flat.

The rest of this post is just going to be a table with some information, and some commentary at the end.

Table explanation:

Player Name: This one is obvious, but I want to highlight that this table only includes players from the Bowman Chrome Prospect Autograph line. And only includes those with a 1st Bowman.

Current Ebay Price (September 13th, 2020): This will be a rough average of recent Ebay sold prices. Bargain Bin denotes the price is generally under $5. Note: I have set these up as affiliate links. So, if you do end up buying a card I will get a small commission at no cost to you.

2018 Prospect Rank: This will include information about whether that prospect was ranking on top prospect lists in 2018 preseason (MinorLeagueBall, Baseball America)

2020 Player Information: This will include some notes I have on the quality of this player in 2020

Player Name Bowman Set Max Rank on Prospect List (2018) Max Rank on Prospect List (2020) Approx. Ebay Price
Abrahan Gutierrez Bowman Baseball Bargain Bin
Adam Haseley Bowman Draft #100 MLB $13-$16
Adonis Medina Bowman Baseball #77 Bargain Bin
Adrian Morejon Bowman Chrome #61 #139 $10-$12
Aflredo Rodriguez Bowman Chrome Bargain Bin
Albert Abreu Bowman Chrome #77 $5-$8
Alex Faedo Bowman Draft #188 10
Anderson Tejada Bowman Chrome $6-$9
Andrew Calica Bowman Chrome Bargain Bin
Angel Perdomo Bowman Baseball $5-$7
Anthony Kay Bowman Chrome $4-$8
Austin Beck Bowman Draft #154 $8-$10
Austin Hays Bowman Chrome #21 #96 $8-$10
Blake Hunt Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Blake Rutherford Bowman Baseball MLB $4-$6
Blayne Enlow Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Brendan Mckay Bowman Draft #39 #24 $13-$18
Brendan Murphy Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Brent Rooker Bowman Draft #80 #196 $15-$19
Brett Netzer Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Brian Miller Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Bubba Thompson Bowman Draft $5-$8
C.J. Hinojosa Bowman Baseball Bargain Bin
Caden Lemons Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Cash Case Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Charlie Barnes Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Chris Paddack Bowman Chrome MLB $17-$25
Chris Seise Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Clarke Schmidt Bowman Draft #83 $35-$40
Cole Brannen Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Colton Hock Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Connor Wong Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Corbin Martin Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Cory Abbott Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
D.L. Hall Bowman Draft #69 $7-$11
David Peterson Bowman Draft #94 $9-$12
Dinelson Lamet Bowman Chrome MLB $14-$17
Drew Ellis Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Drew Waters Bowman Draft #31 $65-$75
Dylan Busby Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Elniery Garcia Bowman Baseball Bargain Bin
Ernie Clement Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Evan White Bowman Draft #158 #55 $35-$42
Fernando Romero Bowman Baseball #114 MLB $5-$8
Francisco Rios Bowman Baseball $6-$8
Freddy Peralta Bowman Baseball #165 MLB $13-$16
Gage Hinsz Bowman Chrome Bargain Bin
Gavin Sheets Bowman Draft $5-$9
Grayson Long Bowman Chrome Bargain Bin
Griffin Canning Bowman Draft MLB $8-$10
Griffin Jax Bowman Chrome Bargain Bin
Hagen Danner Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Hans Crouse Bowman Draft #160 $8-$11
Heliot Ramos Bowman Draft #59 $40-$45
J.J. Matijevic Bowman Draft $5-$8
Jacob Pearson Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Jake Burger Bowman Draft $7-$10
Jameson Fisher Bowman Chrome $4-$6
Jason Groome Bowman Baseball #83 #194 $7-$10
Jazz Chisolm Bowman Chrome #53 $36-$42
Jesus Sanchez Bowman Chrome #77 $30-$35
Jeter Downs Bowman Draft #58 $39-$45
Jo Adell Bowman Draft #41 #2 $600-$750
Joe Perez Bowman Draft $5-$7
Joey Morgan Bowman Draft $5-$7
Jon Duplantier Bowman Chrome #52 MLB $5-$8
Jorge Ona Bowman Chrome Debuted; still prospect $17-$22
Jose Azocar Bowman Chrome $4-$6
Jose Taveras Bowman Baseball Bargain Bin
Jose Trevino Bowman Chrome Bargain Bin
Josh Ockimey Bowman Baseball $6-$9
Justin Maese Bowman Baseball $4-6
Kacy Clemens Bowman Draft $5-$8
Kade McClure Bowman Draft $3-$6
Keegan Akin Bowman Chrome $11-$15
Keston Hiura Bowman Draft #32 MLB $75-$82
Kevin Matian Bowman Baseball $14-$16
Kevin Merrell Bowman Draft $5-$7
Kevin Smith Bowman Draft $5-$7
Kyle Wright Bowman Draft #30 #78 $24-$27
Lazaro Armenteros Bowman Chrome $12-$15
Leody Taveras Bowman Chrome #51 #122 $13-$17
Lincoln Henzman Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Logan Warmoth Bowman Draft #147 Bargain Bin
Lourdes Gurriel Jr. Bowman Baseball $18-$25
Lucas Erceg Bowman Baseball $5-$6
Luis Alexander Basabe Bowman Chrome #179 $8-$11
Luis Almanzar Bowman Baseball $7-$8
Luis Arraez Bowman Chrome MLB $30-$35
Luis Campusano Bowman Draft #80 $32-$38
Luis Carpio Bowman Baseball $4-8
Luis Gonzalez Bowman Draft $8-$12
MacKenzie Gore Bowman Draft #26 #5 $25-$35
Mark Vientos Bowman Draft #134 $10-$15
Matt Tabor Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Max Schrock Bowman Chrome $5-$9
Meibrys Viloria Bowman Chrome $5-$7
Miguel Gomez Bowman Chrome Bargain Bin
Mitchell White Bowman Chrome #69 Bargain Bin
MJ Melendez Bowman Draft $4-$6
Morgan Cooper Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Nate Pearson Bowman Draft #91 #10 $55-$65
Nick Pratto Bowman Draft #141 $13-$16
Nick Senzel Bowman Baseball #6 MLB $55-$60
Ofelky Peralta Bowman Chrome Bargain Bin
P.J. Conlon Bowman Baseball Bargain Bin
Patrick Weigel Bowman Baseball Bargain Bin
Pavin Smith Bowman Draft #137 $20-$25
Peter Solomon Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Quentin Holmes Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Quinn Brodey Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Riley Mahan Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Ronald Acuna Bowman Baseball #1 MLB $1,500-$1,800++
Roniel Raudes Bowman Baseball Bargain Bin
Royce Lewis Bowman Draft #12 $110-$120
Ryan O’Hearn Bowman Chrome MLB $5-$6
Ryan Vilade Bowman Draft #158 $12-$16
Sam Carlson Bowman Draft $5-$7
Sandy Alcantara Bowman Baseball #70 MLB $16-$20
Seth Corry Bowman Draft $10-$15
Shane Baz Bowman Draft #74 $24-$28
Sixto Sanchez Bowman Chrome #23 #27 $67-$72
Stuart Fairchild Bowman Draft $8-$11
T.J. Friedl Bowman Baseball Bargain Bin
Tanner Houck Bowman Draft #157 #161 $10-$13
Taylor Clarke Bowman Baseball #144 $7-$10
Taylor Walls Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Tomas Nido Bowman Chrome $5-$7
Tommy Doyle Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Torri Hunter Jr. Bowman Chrome $5-$8
Trevor Clifton Bowman Chrome Bargain Bin
Trevor Rogers Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Tristen Lutz Bowman Draft #148 $16-$20
Vladimir Gutierrez Bowman Chrome Bargain Bin
Will Gaddis Bowman Draft Bargain Bin
Yu-Cheng Chang Bowman Baseball $15-$20
Yusniel Diaz Bowman Chrome $9-$14
Zac Lowther Bowman Draft $7-$10
Zach Kirtley Bowman Draft Bargain Bin

Bowman Draft Performed Worst

42% of all Bowman draft base autos ended up being 2020 bargain bins. The other sets were closer to 30-33% (Bowman Chrome: 31%; Bowman Baseball: 33%). This is just one year, so this is not a judgment on the Bowman Draft product. If I were to break this down by perceived quality of player at the time of joining the minors (by looking at international bonus money, MLB draft round, etc.), then I believe I would find that the quality of the player is lower in Bowman Draft. Or at least for 2017.

Correlation Between Prospect Rankings and Long-Term Value

I’m not prepared to make any sweeping judgments based on this data. But the data suggests it could be worth investigating. The base autographs for almost all prospects who were ranked in 2018 are worth more than ~$5.

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