2020 Bowman Baseball Overview

There is something for everyone in the baseball card collecting hobby. For people who love to speculate and collect cards of players who may never reach the majors, the initial Bowman release is the set to purchase and collect. Each year, Topps releases the Bowman set during the spring–this year on April 15th.

Prospects are clearly the target for everyone, but you will find a number of veterans as well. To collect everything, you would need to get all 100 base cards and 150 prospects in each of their parallels: 10 for base (11 if you count Camo) and 19 for chrome.

Base Set Parallels

Parallel #’ed to
Sky Blue /499
Purple /250
Blue /150
Green /99
Yellow /75
Gold /50
Orange /25
Red /5
Platinum /1
Printing Plates /1

Prospect Set Parallels

Parallel #’ed to
Atomic 1 per box
Referactor /499
Speckle /299
Purple /250
Blue /150
Blue Shimmer /150
Aqua /125
Aqua Shimmer /125
Green /99
Green Shimmer /99
Yellow /75
Gold /50
Gold Shimmer /50
Orange /25
Orange Shimmer /25
Red /5
Red Shimmer /5
Superfractor /1
Printing Plates /1

Insert Sets

Like ever year, this set is packed with fun insert sets to collect.

Insert Set Odds Description
Scouts’ Top 100 1 per 4 packs Features 100 of the top prospects
Spanning the Globe 1 per 6 packs Features international players’ home flags
1990 Bowman 1 per 8 packs Uses 1990 Bowman design
Rookie of the Year Favorites 1 per 8 packs Features top candidates to win RoY
Talent Pipeline 1 per 12 packs Features 3 prospects from the same team
Hidden Finds 1 per 24 packs Highlights players who were “diamonds in the rough”

And of course there are multiple parallels for these: atomic, gold, orange, red, superfractor, autograph, and autograph superfractor.


Autographs are what brings everyone to the set, particularly the Chrome prospect and Chrome rookies parallels.

Parallel Chrome Prospects Chrome Rookies
Refractor (#’ed to 499) Yes Yes
Speckle Refractor (#’ed to 299) Yes No
Purple Refractor (#’ed to 250) Yes No
Blue Refractor (#’ed to 150) Yes Yes
Atomic Variation (#’ed to 100) Yes Yes
Yellow Refractor (#’ed to 75) Yes Yes
Gold Refractor (#’ed to 50) Yes Yes
Gold Shimmer Refractor (#’ed to 50) Yes No
Orange Refractor (#’ed to 25) Yes Yes
Orange Shimmer Refractor (#’ed to 25) Yes No
Red Refractor (#’ed to 5) Yes Yes
Red Shimmer Refractor (#’ed to 5) Yes No
SuperFractor (#’ed to 1) Yes Yes
Printing Plates (#’ed to 1) Yes Yes

You can also find additional autographs:

Set Serial Numbered Parallels
All-American Game #’ed to 199 None
Rookie of the Year Favorites #’ed to 150 Gold – /50
Orange – /25
Red – /5
SuperFractor /1
Hidden Finds #’ed to 99 Orange – /25
Red – /5
SuperFractor /1
Dual Bowman Prospect #’ed to 25 SuperFractor /1
Ultimate Autograph Book #’ed to 10 None

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