4 Streets of New Capenna Card Interactions I Discovered Drafting Limited on Magic Arena

I have steadily drafted Streets of New Capenna on Magic Arena for the last month. There are many things I could talk about from that experience, and I hope to add a few more articles based on my experience. For now, I am going to highlight some card interactions that made me go “huh” or “yeah, that does make sense” or “well, I wasn’t thinking about that, but I should have” or, you get the point. By no means are these meant to be insightful, though I anticipate some people may learn something from them since I, currently at top 200 mythic player, at least once failed to remember how it worked.

  1. Deal Gone BadBody Launderer

    Deal Gone Bad gives a creature -3/-3 (the power reduction being key here). Body Launderer‘s power determines what creatures you may target in your graveyard. Let me tell you, it’s an unpleasant feeling when you’re like: “Eh, at least I get a Body Dropper back off this” when your opponent offs your Launderer…..and then you don’t. The interaction is straightforward, but in that moment, I didn’t realize just how bad it was for me.

    Same thing occurs with other power-checking creatures. Another example that comes up when drafting is Raffine’s Silencer which gives -X/-X based on power when it goes to dies.

    Note: This does not qualify for the list since I’ve not been caught flat-footed because of it once, but Buy Your Silence will also keep Body Launderer and Raffine’s Silencer from triggering since the creatures don’t die…they are removed from the game.

  2. Giada, Font of Hope Celestial Regulator


    I did manage to catch this interaction during the game, but I was clueless during the draft just how great this combination can be. I mean, I still took the angel since any caveman, including this one, knows you should take angels when you early pick Giada. What may not be quite so obvious to everyone is that Giada allows Celestial Regulator to trigger itself. By the time it’s tapping ability resolves, Celestial Regulator will already have the counter from Giada.

  3. Run Out of Town + Brokers Hideout (or any of the sacrifice lands)

    To be fair, you can use any of the sacrifice lands. Brokers is the hot colors in SNC limited formats, so you are most likely to encounter Brokers Hideout fairly often

    The trick here is to play Run Out of Town while the search (and more importantly, shuffle) effect is on the stack. At that point, your opponent has no choice but to shuffle their creature into the deck. And you have now turned a tempo play into a removal spell.

  4. Faerie Vandal + Majestic Metamorphosis

    There are many ways for creatures to gain counters in Streets of New Capenna. It just so happens my core memory of this interaction involves Faerie Vandal and a blown math calculation. I managed not to lose that match, but not for lack of trying to punt because I blanked on the +1/+1 counters being added to the base 4/4 provided by Majestic Metamorphosis.


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