My 7 Favorite Card Games for Any Adult Game Night


How many times have you shown up to a game night and you somehow find yourself playing Cards Against Humanity? This game has really blown up the social scene, making entertaining easy and hilariously inappropriate. It’s a staple, and a simple go-to activity for mature audiences everywhere. But, at the end of the day, there are only so many times “A Chloroform Soaked Rag” and “Dem Titties”can be funny. With that in mind, maybe it’s time to introduce a new set of games to your friend group. Spice up game night with these seven, easy to learn and wildly fun card games.

Rick and Morty: Total Rickall Card Game

Rick and Morty has seized the world by storm, and taken adult cartoons to a whole new level. This show follows the outlandish adventures between a crazy scientist and his grandson, and has developed quite the cult following. So, you can imagine that this game is no different.

Now fans can participate in one of the most popular episodes, Total Rickall, and live the adventure from their homes. The layout of the game is pretty simple, including only hidden identities and character cards equal to double the amount of players laid out in the middle of the table. With action cards in hand, the objective is to identify and terminate all of the hidden parasites, and save the real characters.

What makes this game extra interesting is that it is cooperative. Depending on the actions of the group, everyone wins or everyone loses. But do not fret, competitive gamers. While it is cooperative, advance gameplay gives you a hidden identity, and allows you to manipulate the outcome of the game. So get your four best mates together and grab a couple drinks, because this game is going to be one strategic, wild ride.

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Exploding Kittens

Despite this seemingly grotesque name, Exploding Kittens is quickly becoming a must have on everyone’s board game shelf. Gameplay is pretty standard to most card games; i.e. discard face up for the group to see and pick-up from the draw pile. But it’s the graphics that make this game so special. With such memorable cards as bikini cat, thousand year back hair action card, and the cheetah butt skip, you’ll be laughing from the wit as you take down your fellow opponents.

The objective of this creative game is really dependent on chance and the strategic way you play the cards in your hand. You are expelled from the game when you draw an exploding kitten card and cannot counteract it with a defense. So for the five players who are playing this game (more if you have the expansion packs), stay on your toes and hoard the best cards for the inevitable. This game is really going to lighten up any game night or party. From crazy cat ladies to cat haters, anyone can find joy in playing this game.

What the Meme?

In this day in age, if you’re not sending random photos to people or trolling your friends with relatable memes, you’re not doing it right. This game, with similar gameplay to Cards Against Humanity, allows you to do just that in a group setting.

At the beginning of each turn, a popular photo taken from memes on the internet is placed by a player in the center of the table. Every other person then picks a sentence card from their hand that best fits the photo in the middle to create their own meme. Once all of the cards are ready, the first player reads through the options and picks the funniest one as the winner. Not only is this game super entertaining, but it is great for almost any group size. Whether you play it at game night or play it at a party, your friends will get a big kick out of it.

Joking Hazard

For years, many people would wake up excited to read the new, daily Cyanide and Happiness comic. Though short and simple, these risque drawings combined violence, sexual attraction, and basic human desires to create delightfully inappropriate, but relatable, adult comics. Often taking things a little too far, you couldn’t help but laugh at these eccentric illustrations.

So it’s no wonder that Joking Hazard, a Cyanide and Happiness game, is gaining popularity. Each round is taken in turns. One player puts down two cards from their hand to begin a comic strip. The other players then add a card from their hand, either at the beginning or end of the first two cards, to complete the comic. The original player reads through them and votes for their favorite. You can imagine this game gets pretty funny very quickly. Fair warning, though. This may not be the best game to play around children!

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Sushi Go!

If you’re looking for a fun, super easy, people pleasing game, look no further than Sushi Go. With adorable graphics, this game combines luck, strategy, and competitive gameplay to make it perfect for any gathering.

The objective is simply to score the most points in three rounds. With up to five players, each person gets a set amount of cards. Each round, the players select a card from their hand and then pass the rest to the player on their left. The group repeats this two more times and then reveals the three cards they picked each round. Combinations, card value, and various card instructions will determine the point value for each person. The person with the most points wins. This game is quick, fun, and perfect for all ages. This is a great game to get everyone in a good mood, and in the right mindset for more intensive games.

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Fluxx is the kind of card game that you play when you don’t want to waste time going over the rules. It’s the perfect game for parties or game nights because all of the instructions are on the cards. In fact, most reviews and critics encourage people to just jump into playing in order to learn.

To win the game, players have to collect the right cards to meet the objective of the current goal. Sounds easy right? Well, it is, except the goal can change at any time. And there are action cards and rules that inhibit you from reaching the goal quickly. This game is super strategic, lasts a good amount of time, and gets pretty competitive. It’s also wildly popular because you can get the cards in various themes, like Batman, Adventure Time, and Firefly, to appeal to every fandom.

Hot Seat

Everyone has their secrets, whether it’s secret desires, secret practices, or secret obsessions, and this game puts all of them on display.

The person in the hot seat reads out a question card. All players, including the one in the hot seat, picks a card from their hand to answer the question. The hot seat reads out the answers, and the other players guess which card the hot seat picked for themselves. Whoever guesses correctly wins! These questions and cards can get a little personal and raunchy, so this game will have your group roaring with laughter. Afraid to air your dirty laundry? Not really sure this game is for you. But if you’re dying to learn about the skeletons in your friends closet, this game is going to take your game night to the next level.

Break away from the same ol’ games, and dive into new, challenging territory! Your competitive flag will fly free as you take down your group of friends, earn the most points, and learn their deepest darkest secrets. These games are going to spice up any game night, and your group will be thankful for the variation from the norm.

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