Who are We?

We are ludologists!

You may or may not find that word in a dictionary, but we use it to mean: people who have an interest in and love for all things that make life enjoyable. Or, more specifically, we are referring to games, hobbies, sports, and the such.

We may not be experts in everything we discuss on this site, but we have an interest, and sometimes passion, for them.

We will bring you a range of content that includes beginner information about hobbies, reviews of various items (equipment, accessories, websites), topical news, gaming advice, and more!

Head Ludologist – Wesley Lyles

Wesley Lyles is the head ludologist. He writes a little about a lot, but primary interests are:

  • Hearthstone – Catch him on North America server under MagLibrarian. Under the old system, he was typically Rank 3-5 in constructed. But he mostly plays Arena (recovering Magic limited addict where he is soft infinite and Battlegrounds where he is slumming around the 7k mark.
  • Rocket League – Not the best, not the worst. He has reached diamond 2, but usually hovers around Plat 3.
  • Baseball – Wesley is a baseball enthusiast, whether that is looking at rules of the game or returning to his original favorite hobby: collecting baseball cards.
  • Board Games – Board games are life! Perhaps too strong, but he has been a card and board gamer since his parents taught him Spades at the age of six, so they and their friend would have a fourth player. Now he primarily focuses on solo card games until he can teach his 7-year old how to play all the fun games he has stored on his shelf.

Become a Ludologist

We are always looking for more ludologists. If you have an interest or passion in a particular hobby, game or sport, reach out to us to talk about contributing to the site.

If you just want to write, then we can offer you this space and our readership. Lots of flexibility in style and content for unpaid writing. If you are looking for compensation, then we can offer modest rates for specific categories of content or if you already have an audience (Twitch, Twitter, writer for another site, etc.).

Contact us at theludologists at gmail.com

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