Aggro Pirate Warrior: Hearthstone Deck Index (Un’Goro)

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Hearthstone Top Decks: Aggro Pirate Warrior Deck List Guide

This Aggro Pirate Warrior guide will teach you how to play the recently popular Warrior deck from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It uses aggressive minions with Weapons and Weapon synergy to generate a lot of early game pressure to defeat your potion. Our Aggro Pirate Warrior guide includes Mulligans, Gameplay Strategy, Card Substitutions, and Combos/Synergies!

Hearthstone Top Decks: Aggro Pirate Warrior Guide (budget version)

Aggro Pirate Warrior is one of the cheaper decks you can run when you are on a budget or just starting out in Hearthstone. Ideally it requires two Legendaries: Patches the Pirate & Leeroy Jenkins. While the deck will be weaker without these cards, it’s still a strong deck to take to the ladder.

Metabomb: Pirate Warrior Deck List Guide July 2017

Our Pirate Warrior deck guide features the best deck list for Season 40, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

HearthHead: Pirate Warrior Guide July 2017

Pirate Warrior is the Aggro deck in Hearthstone and Hearthhead is here to teach you how to play it! We’ll walk you through mulligans, tech cards, budget replacements, overall strategy, and more.

Hearthstone Meta Decks: Pirate Warrior

Pirate Warrior is a very aggressive, weapon-focused deck. If you enjoy smacking your opponent in the face with an axe, this is your deck.
While the cheap pirates serve to provide an early board, your bigger, buffed weapons, will usually provide the biggest source of damage. Leeroy Jenkins often serves as a finisher, along with one of the few burn spells available to Warrior.

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Dbraz (17 minutes, 34 seconds) – not English

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Pirate Warrior Won’t Die in Un’Goro (Reddit – April 2017)

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