Best of Bunt – Vladimir Guerrero Jr.: What is it Worth?

It’s not a sexy way to spend a Saturday, but I dedicated a good portion of my day off playing in the Best of Bunt contest on Topps’ Bunt app. For anyone unfamiliar with the app, it is a trading card app that also has contests linked to real life games.

And the Best of Bunt contest brings out over 2,000 participants competing to win special release cards. This weekend included a great prize: 25cc Vladimir Guerrero Jr. that scores 3.5x (i.e., the standard points earned for an event such as a double are multipled by 3.5 to determine points earned).

This is a popular chase card due to it being a high scoring card, one of the few Vladdy cards currently available (note: originally typed this before the 2019 Debuts release), and the fact that Guerrero Jr. made his debut this past week to much fanfare.

I am loathe to trade the card myself due to those reasons, but I have been investigating the in-app value of the card. Interesting enough, the card has around $15-20 value in real-life currency.

This won’t mean much to those who don’t play on the app, but for those of you who do, I would be curious what you think of these two proposals. Am I crazy for not accepting either?

I’ll list the details of the offer in case you don’t want to zoom in on the image.

Offer #1

The list of goodies is:

1) Dakota Hudson Blue Patch Signature (Bunt 19)- Iconic, 35cc
2) Brad Keller Blue Patch Signature (Bunt 19) – Iconic, 35cc
3) Francisco Lindor Blue Base Signature (Bunt 19) – Super Rare, 50cc
4) Carlos Correa Relic (Bunt 19) – Rare, 250cc
5) Carlos Correa Jackie Robinson (Bunt 19) – Uncommon, 825cc
6) George Springer Topps Heritage Signature (Bunt 17)- Award, 116cc
7) Jeff Bagwell Relic (Bunt 17) – Award, 172cc
8) George Springer Signature (Bunt 19) – Contest, 98cc (Tier 1 only contest)
9) Carlos Correa / Joe Morgan Clubhouse Connection (Bunt 18) – Limited, 69cc

Offer #2

This offer pales a bit, but it is still rather tempting:

1) Walker Beuhler Inception Signature – Super Rare, 150cc
2) Cody Bellinger Signature Series Base – Rare, 788cc
3) Javier Baez Unknown (Bunt 18) – Limited, 50cc
4) Corey Seager Relic (Bunt 17) – Limited, 500cc
5) Paul Goldschmidt Opening Day (Bunt 18) – Contest, 50cc
6) Mitch Haniger Signature (Bunt 19) – Contest, 100cc
7) Odubel Herrera Programs (Bunt 18) – Limited, 300cc

There have been a few other offers but nothing that really compares to these two. I’ll update this post if I receive any other fun proposals (or if I accept one).

Let me know in the comments what you think.

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