Everyone Starts Somewhere: Best T Ball Sets for Toddlers and Up

I still remember my first t ball set: it was entirely manual (me throwing the ball up in the air) and involved our storage shed, which ultimately bore the scars (dents) from my abuse.

I’m not sure why my parents never purchased a specialized set for me; or, perhaps they were not available back then. Either way, my 4 year old self is envious of toddlers who get to enjoy an “out of the box” set like those listed here.

In the grand scheme, there is not a lot special about t ball sets; so don’t worry too much about the details. I’ve tried to take care of that for you. All of the sets listed here are well-reviewed, and should be great for your new baseball player.

Most likely the deciding factor will be a particular color scheme (perhaps your little one is partial to primary colors or pink), a specific feature that catches the eye, or desired accessories (e.g., extra balls). Durability should also be a major factor because kids at this age tend to “love” their toys too much.

T ball sets are good choices for 2 year olds through 4 year olds. They can still be enjoyed even by older kids, especially some of those listed here since they can be adjusted (height) or have multiple modes that can be used by older players.

Fisher Price Grow to Pro Triple Hit Baseball

[amazon_link asins=’B01CL1FLLI’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’ludologists-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5cbc0749-f0b2-48fd-b436-c8f1d7ed1e6b’]

The Grow to Pro Triple Hit Baseball set is a great set for toddlers learning how to hit the ball. Like several other sets, it offers a scaffolded approach: three different configurations that grows with your child.

  • Beginner mode – child hits off the tee
  • Rookie mode – balls pop up in the air via an automatic ball launcher
  • Pro mode – balls pitched to batter (10 feet away) via an automatic ball launcher

  • Three modes allow for extended use at player develops
  • Rooke and Pro mode allow more advanced hitting development
  • Properly shaped plastic bat
  • You will need to keep D batteries handy
  • Normal shaped bat means smaller barrel (harder to hit) than comparable sets

Little Tikes Tot Sports T-Ball Set

[amazon_link asins=’B001EB9F3C’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’ludologists-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1b5caa6c-3b65-4c80-9190-2521f2a3d125′]

This is the best basic t ball set available when considering quality relative to cost. It is well-suited for young children (2-4 years old) given its design and bigger barreled bat.

The included balls have two advantages: oversized make it easier for young players still developing their hand-eye coordination to make contact, and the soft balls also minimize the chances of property damage from errant hits.

  • Fat barrel makes it easier for todders to make solid contact
  • Great compact storage
  • Easy to set up, no tools required
  • Single mode means kids will outgrow the set faster than other sets
  • Irregular bat size will mean adjustments as child acclimates to different bat barrels

Easton Deluxe Batting Tee

[amazon_link asins=’B000GK26BU’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’ludologists-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’21781b61-2e04-4884-9905-d267228363c0′]

The Easton Deluxe Batting Tee is a good starter tee if you want something that resembles a “real” tee, but is designed to be usable by younger kids.

Its adjustable height allows it be used by younger kids, but then stay with them as they grow. It’s sturdy base ensures it stays in place when your child inevitably makes an errant swing.

  • Height adjustable: can go as low as 22 inches
  • Sturdy base ensures tee stays in place
  • Rubber composition provides durability
  • Does not come with any extras (e.g., balls)
  • Younger toddlers may gravitate more to a more “toy” aesthetic (e.g., colorful)

Franklin Sports Tee Ball & Pop-a-Pitch Combo

[amazon_link asins=’B0024M7CGC’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’ludologists-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ea822583-ac84-47e1-93bc-406bfa47eaa1′]

Franklin Sports advertises their Pop-a-Pitch tee ball set as a training aid that can help players grow their hitting skills. It offers two different interaction methods: traditional tee and pop-a-pitch, which helps players gain familiarity with timing as they swing at a moving target.

You can easily buy replacement/additional balls as needed.

  • The pop-up option offers additional value
  • Adjustable height: 21-25 inches/li>
  • Bears the official MLB logo
  • Complaints about bat quality are common
  • Hitters need to be able to apply enough pressure for lever to properly pop ball up

Frequently Asked Questions about Tee Ball Sets

What kind of balls should I buy to go with the set?

You may be able to purchase replacement balls for sets that originally came with balls. For example, Kidtastic are just the answer you are looking for if you need Little Tykes T Ball replacement balls.

For those that do not–or even for those that do–you may want to purchase reduced impact balls, such as SKLZ’s soft cushioned safety baseballs.

Should I get a plastic or rubber t-ball set?

For really young toddlers, plastic sets make sense to me. At that age, it is as much about having fun as it is to practice hitting. The colorful designs may appeal more to kids at that age. As they grow older, transitioning to a traditional tee is a great idea. Or, you may have even use both if you find the more advanced modes (such as those found on the Fisher Price Grow to Pro Triple Hit) on some sets beneficial.

Where can I find tee ball sets near me?

Not everyone like to shop online. Sometimes it helps to be able look at products in person. Or take your child to the store and see which one she/he prefers.

You can generally find some selection at massive stores like Walmart and Target. Or, you may want to try sports-focused stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods or Academy Sports+Outdoors.

What other equipment should I consider purchasing?

At the earliest ages, you don’t necessarily need to exhaustively purchase equipment. That said, once your child begins tee ball I would consider at least acquiring their own glove, bat, and batting tee. You can check out our list of gloves for t ball players and our list of favorite bats for young baseball players.

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