Everything You Need to Know about MLB Mascots

What are MLB mascots, and what purpose do they serve?

MLB mascots are team characters found at baseball games entertaining crowds and generally making sure everyone has a good time at the stadium. Major League Baseball (MLB) differs from other popular sports leagues (e.g., National Basketball Association and National Football League) in that those sports often do not have mascots roaming the stadium or arena. Perhaps baseball cares more about keeping the entire family entertained? Or perhaps the slower pace of baseball compared to the other sports necessitates entertainment in addition to the game?

Do all teams have a mascot?

No, but most do: 27 out of 30 teams have a mascot. The three teams without a mascot are Los Angeles Angels, New York Yankees, and Los Angeles Dodgers.

List of MLB mascots

Team Name Mascot Name Year Established
Houston Astros Orbit 1990 – originally
2013 – 2nd iteration
Oakland Athletics Stomper 1997
Toronto Blue Jays Ace 2000
Atlanta Braves Blooper 2018
Milwaukee Brewers Bernie Brewer 1973
St. Louis Cardinals Fredbird 1979
Chicago Cubs Clark 2014
Arizona Diamondbacks D. Baxter the Bobcat 2000
San Francisco Giants Lou Seal 1996
Cleveland Indians Slider 1990
Seatle Mariners Mariner Moose 1990
Miami Marlins Billy the Marlin 1993
New York Mets Mr. Met 1964
Washington Nationals Screech 2005
Baltimore Orioles The Oriole Bird 1979
San Diego Padres Swinging Friar 1958
Philadelphia Phillies Phillie Phanatic 1978
Pittsburgh Pirates Pirate Parrot 1979
Texas Rangers Rangers Captain 2002
Tampa Bay Rays Raymond 1998
Cincinatti Reds Mr. Redlegs 1973 – originally (with moustache)
1997 – 2nd iteration (no moustache)
2007 – 3rd iteration (with moustache)
2012 – 4th iterations (both versions)
Boston Red Sox Wally the Green Monster 1997
Colorado Rockies Dinger 1994
Kansas City Royals Sluggerrr 1996
Detroit Tigers Paws 1995
Minnesota Twins T.C. Bear 2000
Chicago White Sox Southpaw 2004
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