Jade Elemental Shaman
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We have compiled a list of resources related to the Jade Elemental Shaman deck for Un’Goro standard. The deck is a recent addition to the metagame due to Jade Spirit’s newfound elemental-hood.

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Deck Guides

Hearthstone Top Decks: New Versions of Jade Elemental Shaman to Try

While it might have seemed like a small change, Jade Spirit was given the elemental tag which gives Jade Elemental decks a boost and helps enable the follow-up turn Servant of Kalimos. You can now also get Jade Spirit from that same Servant of Kalimos and really boost your Jade production!

Let’s take a look at some early builds of Jade Elemental Shaman. Keep in mind these are works in progress while the meta sorts itself out after the nerf to Quest Rogue!

Hearthpwn: Jade Elemental Shaman Guide (Legend #6)

Youtube Videos

Hearthstone Elemental Jade Shaman: Throwing a Wrench in Your Plans (Strifecro, published July 17, 2017)

Forum Threads

Deck Guide: Jade Elemental Token Shaman (Legend S40)




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