Kaldheim Limited: Ranking All Sagas

Quick Introduction

I’m just your run-of-the-mill Arena mythic player. I’m currently sitting net-positive on gems over my last 7 drafts, which includes not counting gems for duplicate rares and mythics that I accumulated via draft. I presume I am in the upper half (third?) of limited players on Arena, but I really don’t know.

In other words, this is just one person’s opinion formed over the course of around 50 drafts. I’m not an expert, but I am informed.

I will also note that I have a bias towards the multicolor base-green decks. That may bias some of my thought processes, but for each card, I will provide my personal experience (which may be limited for some of them).

Cards are listed from best to worst. I don’t believe in hiding the good stuff.

1. Battle of Frost and Fire

U/R Giants is my second favorite deck to draft in Kaldheim limited. It’s also my second highest win rate. All but one of my 6-x and 7-x runs (4 out of 5) with U/R Giants have included this saga. This card is almost guaranteed to get you value, and allows you to take a methodical approach to the entire game rather than worrying about aggro running over you.

Battle of Frost and Fire fits well into my usual approach to multicolor green decks, too! Generally, those decks use blue as a secondary color and can find the red mana to justify the splash.

2. The Bears of Littjara

This one could definitely be bias, but The Bears of Littjara has overperformed every time I have played it. I generally prioritize the green two drop changelings (Guardian Gladewalker and Masked Vandal) in order to have speedbumps as I build my multicolor manabase. This dovetails nicely if I happen to open the rare Simic saga.

3. Showdown of the Skalds

I’ve not had the opportunity to try this card myself, but have been on the receiving end of a few times. It feels like it would be great in the aggressive Boros archetype, but I have most often seen it in more controlling decks. For example, I just got finished a game where I got pummeled by this card + Master of Skald (two is better than one, right?)

4. Binding of the Old Gods

This card has me bound: I go out of my way to include it in green-based multicolor decks, and have managed to 7-x the last two drafts where I have splashed it (link to first draft | link to second draft). In those decks, I can get mileage out of the second ability to help further stabilize my always iffy mana.  When using in elf-based Golgari decks, the third ability can be useful for pushing damage.

5. Fall of the Impostor

Fall of the Imposter works best in Selesnya aggressive decks, which I have found surprisingly work well in Kaldheim Limited. However, I have also found this little saga does a lot of work in the multicolor decks by allowing me me to pump my ramping/fixing dorks (e.g., Jaspera Sentinel, the little elf who could). And then picking off a creature at the end.

6. Arni Slays the Troll

I have found this card does not work as well as I would expect in my 3- to 5- color decks. It gets the job done and I am happy to play it, but I won’t necessarily splash red if this is the only card pulling me in (though the life gain at the end has saved me on more than one occasion against aggro decks). I have found success including this as a splash in U/R Giants. Not something I go out of my way to do, but Golden Picks + Seize the Spoils make great enablers.

7. King Narfi’s Betrayal

This card seems to be underrated. It may be that black is nigh untouchable in this format, but I have yet to be disappointed splashing this card. Realistically, the card gets better the longer games go, and the better creatures you can pull from the graveyard. But, I’ve blindly thrown this down on turn 3 or turn 4 and walked away with follow up plays for the next couple turns. And, again, casting this in the mid- or late-game can be backbreaking for your opponent.

8. Waking the Trolls

Honestly, this may be too high for the card. Sometimes, it does not do anything except net you two mana over your opponent (minus 1, plus 1), or perhaps also a 4/4. In those situations, it feels like a waste of 6 mana. However, I have also walked away with 3-4 trolls which inevitably won the game.

It’s a high variance card, and you will need to decide if that is what your deck needs. I find that it especially works well if you are running mana ramp: Jaspera Sentinel, Sculptor of Winter (and enough of snow lands to support), Replicating Ring, etc.

9. Invasion of the Giants

Invasion of the Giants is not an amazing card, but it pulls its weight. On the second step, it replaces itself after fixing your card draw on the first one. And if you’re playing this in U/R Giants (the only deck I tend to run it in), then you’re going to realize some tempo once it completes.

10. Firja’s Retribution

I have this card this low due to its black mana. Otherwise, it’s more than reasonable: 4/4 flying beater with the potential to kill something–or more than one something–on the next turn)

11. Harald Unites the Elves

If you’re going elves, then you take this card. If you’re not, you safely ignore.

12. Battle for Bretagard

Not really a fan of this card, but I understanding its high-roll potential. And even its basic mode (four 1/1 creatures) is not the worst, potentially if you’re partnering with a walking Glorious Anthem

13. The Raven’s Warning

I don’t think this card is very good. It has not worked well when played against me, and while I have been able to maximize its III step, I’m never excited to include it.

14. The Bloodsky Massacre

I thought this card was good when I was trying to make R/B aggro work. I still think Rakdos Aggro can take down a draft, and this card fits well there, but I’m never looking to go that way in a draft. Therefore, I continue to pass this card and would only give it consideration on the wheel.

15. The Three Seasons

I want to like this card, and I continue to draft it in my snow-heavy decks. However, it has not made the cut in quite awhile. That’s about the most I can say for it.

16. Niko Defies Destiny

I have not played U/W control in this format in some time. I think this would work there, but it’s not something I actively aim for.

17. The Trickster-God’s Heist

This card works with some setup, which is why I may be wrong for putting it so low. The Elven Ravenous Rats goes well with this card, and I have recently discovered the beauty of swapping Glittering Frost with your opponent’s saga (thanks opponent for teaching me the ways by doing this to me).


18. Kardur’s Vicious Return

I thought this was at least average. I was wrong.

19. Ascent of the Worthy

There are some nice tricks you can do with this card, but nothing worth drafting around.

20. Forging the Tyrite Sword

Another card that I think could be fine as a 23rd card.














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