Marvel Collect May Sets (Awards, Deadlines)

Picture from Marvel Collect Showing Example of Trophies

Use this page to find the collections released and awards deadlines for all of the sets on Topps’ digital card trading app Marvel Collect that is happening in May.

Set Name Award
Black Widow Costume Evolution Black Widow Modern Costume May 18, 7:30AM ET
Essentials Series 6 Mary Jane (silver variant)
Mary Jane (gold variant)
May 18, 10:30AM ET
May 18, 11:30AM ET
Wakanda Forever Black Panther Award
Black Panther vs. Killmonger
No deadline
May 19, 4:30PM ET
Dragon Tamers Kitty Pride and Lockheed May 20, 7:30AM ET
Avengers: Final Host (Silver)
Avengers: Final Host (gold)
Avengers: Final Host Covers
Avengers Award (Silver)
Avengers: Final Host (Gold)
Avengers #1
May 20, 12:30PM ET
May 20, 1:30PM ET
May 20, 2:30PM ET
Tech Support Iron Man (Green)
Iron Man (Purple)
May 21, 1:15PM ET
May 21, 2:15PM ET
Portrait Gallery Series 2 Thanos Portrait (silver)
Thanos Portrait (gold)
May 25, 10:30AM EST
May 25, 11:30AM EST
Wolverine Costume New Costume Variant (Rare)
Classic Costume Variant (Super Rare)
May 25, 4:30PM ET
Maty 25, 4:30PM ET
Captain America Costume Captain America Classic Costume May 26, 9:15AM ET
Take to the Skies Iron Man (Blue Variant)
Iron Man (Red Variant)
May 29, 8:45PM ET
May 29, 9:45PM ET
Classic Collecton Vol 1 Topps ’56 – White: Spider-Man
Topps ‘5 – Black: Spider-Man
Modern Vintage: Daredevil
Debuts: Thor
New Mutants 1st Appearance
June 11, 12:00PM ET
June 11, 1:00PM ET
June 11, 2:00PM ET
June 11, 3:00PM ET
June 11, 4:00PM ET
Hellbound Static
Hellbound Motion
Squardron Supreme – Blue
Squadron Supreme – Pink
Dark Avengers
Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)
Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) – Motion
Squadron Supreme – Blue Award
Squadron Supreme – Pink Award
Dark Avengers Award
June 9th, time TBD
June 9th, time TBD
June 9th, time TBD
June 9th, time TBD
June 9th, time TBD
Infinity Headshots Wave 4
Infinity Headshots All Waves
Corvus Glaive
June 30, 8:45AM ETT
June 30, 9:45AM ET

I just started this project recently, so I am missing many of the sets from earlier in the month. Feel free to drop a note below if there is one you want me to add, mainly if it is still ongoing. Also, I would appreciate a comment if I have an error. Thank you!

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