Pool Cue Lengths and Sizes

One-Piece House Cues

The standard length for one-piece house cues is 57 inches. Typically you will want to leave these cue sticks in one place due to the difficulty carrying a stick of this size.

If you are taller, you may find a 61-inch long pool stick to be more comfortable.

How long is this pool stick in feet: It depends, the 57-inch stick is 4.75 feet long, and the 61-inch stick is 5.08 feet long.

Standard Two-Piece Cues

The standard length for a two-piece cue is 58 inches. For most sticks, each piece (butt and shaft) are equivalents lengths (i.e., 29 inches each). Standard two-piece cues have a couple advantages:

  • Ideal for travel: Just unscrew the shaft from the butt, and toss (or gently carry) the ability to unscrew the stick, and then carry two separate pieces.
  • Warp resistant: Ok, not really. But you’ll be thankful when you can replace just one part of your stick, instead of having to pay for an entire new one.

How long is this pool stick in feet? Standard two-piece cue sticks typically measure 4.83 feet.

Shorter Cues

How long is a short pool cue? Well, moreso than any other pool cue, this classification can range quite a bit in order to accommodate different room sizes and person configurations (height, arm length, etc.).

Typically, short pool cues are defined as anything less than 57 inches. For example, sites like Ozone Billiards have short pool cues that range between 24 and 52 inches long.

These can make great additions to a home pool table. They can generally be long enough for adults to make accurate shots, while also being usable by children.

What Cue Size Should a Kid Use?

While standard sized cue sticks (57-58 inches long) work just fine for adults, you’ll need something different for children. Depending on your child’s height, a stick between 40-48 inches should work well.

You can find a selection of sticks in that range on Amazon.

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