T Ball Equipment List: Everything You Need to Get Your Child Started

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T Ball Equipment List

If you’re like me, my first reaction when my kid expressed interest in an activity (in our case, it was gymnastics and soccer), there’s this initial question of: What exactly does my child need for this?
We surely didn’t know! But we figured it out over time.
Hopefully this list of t ball equipment helps save you the trouble of figuring it all out. Though, in my experience, sometimes things can vary; but, this should be a great start.

T Ball Glove

Perhaps this is because of my propensity for defense (or inability to hit a ball over 60 miles per hour), but to me gloves are the iconic piece of baseball equipment. I can still recall my tee ball glove (black, perhaps Wilson) and my little league glove (brown Mizuno).

As your child gets older, you will need to consider lots of different things about a glove (e.g., size, handedness, durability, etc.). But for now, just find a decent glove and understand that you’ll be buying a new one within a couple years.

And if you’re looking to pick up a glove, I keep an updated list of the best tee ball gloves.

T Ball Bat

As much as I appreciate defense, most kids get exciting about hitting. And I can’t blame them: there’s something cathartic about hitting a baseball as hard as you can!
The biggest key when purchasing a tee ball bat is to be aware of any rules or regulations your local league has regarding bats. For example, one common requirement is that the bat must be labeled USA Baseball, which is the national governing body for baseball in the United States.

Other terminology you may come across is drop (difference between bat weight and bat length), alloy bats (aluminum), and composites (reinforced carbon fiber polymer).

If you want to check out some of the tee ball bats currently available, or read some of the frequently asked questions about them, head over to our tee ball bats page.

T Ball Cleats

Your kid may not be required to wear cleats during t ball, but cleats make the playing experience more enjoyable: no one likes sliding around on dirt and grass because they cannot get traction!
But as parents we have to balance the financial costs. For this reason, you may consider just looking for inexpensive cleats so that it’s no big deal if/when your child outgrows them. I mean, we all know the pain when they outgrow their clothes and/or shoes during the same season. As they get older and the growth stabilizes a bit more, then moving onto more expensive cleats which hold up better makes sense.
You will want to make sure you are buying baseball cleats. Yes, there are different cleats for each sport (you can tell by the placement of the spikes). I knew this, but never think about much until I see someone get flagged for it before my daughter’s soccer games. You can spot a baseball cleat by the toe cleat on the front, which is clearly not intended for close contact with other players (unlike soccer cleats).

T Ball Helmet

Do you need a helmet for t ball? Short answer: yes! There just is no good reason to not have your child wearing a helmet when batting.
You will also want to make sure the helmet fits properly: the helmet should fit snugly on your child’s head, leaving no space between the head and helmet.

Your team may offer communal helmets. But if you want to purchase your child their own helmet, and not do a lot of shopping around, then just pick up the well-reviewed Rawlings Coolflo helmet. If you do start looking, you may consider looking for helmets with removable chin straps and/or removable face masks. Just make sure it is approved by NOCSAE, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.

T Ball Socks

Not much to say about socks. They go on your feet, and tee ball socks are what I used to call “knee-highs”.

Image of Tee Ball Socks

T Ball Baseballs

T ball baseballs are different than normal baseballs. They have a smaller circumference (around 9 to 9.5 inches), are lighter (around 4 to 5 ounces), and are softer (when you squeeze, it should not be solid like a baseball). Just look for one that is labeled Official T-Ball.

T Ball Bag

T ball bags are by no means necessary. You could just throw everything into the trunk and head out to the field. As your kid gets more serious or accumulates multiple bats, gloves, balls, etc.; then you may find yourself wanting to pick up a bag. For an idea of what these are, check out Dick’s selection.

T Ball Checklist for Kids

Here is a convenient checklist for all t ball equipment you need to get started.

T Ball Equipment Checklist (summarizes all items mentioned in post)

Commonly Asked Questions

What to Wear to T Ball Practice?

It is important that you dress your kid in clothes that are both comfortable and appropriate.

Some specifics:

  • Always wear pants (sweatpants or baseball pants) no matter the temperature. Baseball involves lots of contact with the ground (sliding, diving, kneeling), and you want to protect those legs and especially knees from the ground.
  • Always wear your cleats; remember for tee ball cleats should not be metal!
  • Though perhaps not required, a baseball cap should be worn during practice, in order to become comfortable and know what to expect in the game.
  • Boys should consider wearing compression shorts, or other support device. Particularly if he is a catcher.

How Much Does T Ball Cost?

Purchasing everything on the checklist would cost approximately $400. Of course actual expenditures will depend on what items, and when, are purchased. See below for the pricing breakdown.

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