Topps Bunt 2019 Releases (April)

Hey everyone. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it difficult to remember all the different subset releases during the year. It’s not a surefire way to compare relative values, but it can be helpful to gauge the acquire cost (along with the card count, cc) of two cards when considering a trade. Or, sometimes I like to look at the diamond cost when trying to determine how many teals to ask for in a trade.

So to help myself and my fellow BUNTers, I am creating pages for each month’s releases. We’ll see how this goes; I may revert to creating separate posts for each release if that seems to work better. Please be patient as I may not keep updated on a daily basis.

Greatest Moments

Award Information

  • # of cards: 48
  • Award 1: Cal Ripken Jr. Signature award card (May 2, 4pm EST)
  • Award 2: Hank Aaron Signature award card (May 10, 4pm EST)

Cost to Acquire:

  • Coin Cost: 7,500 coins (guaranteed 7,500 coin pack)
  • Diamond Cost: 20 diamonds (5 guaranteed in 100 diamond pack
  • Other: You can also acquire a Greatest Moment card via the wheel and/or free packs offered

My Thoughts

One of several common sets released so far this season. 48-hour turnaround on a 48-card set is rather difficult for most players to accomplish. It’ll be interesting to see what the card count (cc) ends up being for the Cal Ripken Jr. card. A similar chase (Greatest Seasons) ended up with a 403cc Miguel Cabrera award for the first award. The second award, a Carl Yastzemski, ended up with 681 awarded.

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