Understanding the Marvel Collect Menu Options


The wheel offers you a random chance to acquire one item (card, coins, or fusion resource). Currently (May 2021), a maximum of eight items appear on the wheel. They are:

  • Common card (3 out of 8)
  • Base card (3 out of of 8–>1 blue, 1 black, and 1 pink)
  • Fusion Resource (1 out of 8–>Topps Secret)
  • Coins

The wheel has a timer that prevents you from spinning it enough times to acquire all items immediately. You receive energy (resource needed to spin wheel) once an hour. The wheel will reset every 6 hours, starting from the time of your first spin on a new wheel.


The store is where you purchase packs or diamonds (in-game currency that requires real money to purchase).


The trade screen is where you can send trades to other players. You can also respond to trade offers other players have sent to you.

Sets & Award

The Sets & Awards menu option gives you three tabs: Awards, Sets, and Trophies. The Awards tab is useful for seeing which sets are currently active (i.e., have not yet distributed an award). The Sets tab allows you to see all of the sets available in the game. This tab is useful for finding older sets, and then sending trades to players to complete those sets (note: collecting an older non-common set will not offer you the award). The Trophies tab lets you see all of the sets that you completed prior to the award being distributed. This can be helpful to see which sets you completed previously but traded the award.


Easiest way to access your card collection


Missions give you bonuses for completing certain objectives. Bonuses are generally coins, but can be profile avatars or occasionally diamonds.

Commonly, missions require one of the following:

  • Opening some number of packs
  • Spinning the wheel some number of times
  • Claiming some number of mystery boxes
  • Completing some number of trades
  • Using some number of cards in the fusion area
  • Collection some number of a specific card rarity


Running list of announcement in the app. The most common announcement is for the release of a new set. I often use this screen to search for the a set release in order to quickly access the message board for that specific set.


Events are the most recent addition to Topps apps. Events require you to complete a series of objectives in order to earn prizes.


Fusion is where you fuse cards together. The most common fusion option is for melding two base cards together in order to receive one base card of the next highest tier. Other fusion options may be related to a specific set release.


This option takes you back to the home screen.

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