What do You Meme? – Game Review

What Do You Meme CardsJust a decade ago, things like Facebook and Twitter were starting to become popular, and cellphones still needed to be flipped or slid open. Many people everywhere were charged per text, and data was almost non-existent. Now, no matter where you go, people are glued to their phones. With unlimited access to infinite information, social media, and entertainment, society holds the world in the palm of their hands.

And what are we using it for?


Everyday, people of all ages are scrolling through the internet to find the dankest, silliest, most outlandish memes you can think of, and sharing it with friends and loved ones alike. These humorous photos paired with dark, relatable, hilarious sentences have everyone on their sides laughing. Which is why What Do You Meme? has everybody running to the stores. This game, similar to Cards Against Humanity, will liven up any group or party setting and become an instant favorite.

Game Overview

This game is very easy to play. With a photo card in the middle, players pick a sentence card from their hand that best fits the photo in play. Then, the person who puts down the best or funniest sentence card wins! This game is all about knowing the personalities and humor of the people participating in the game. With cards like “when everyone at lunch is talking about what they got for Christmas but you’re Jewish,” to other far more inappropriate options, this game can get pretty strategic. It’s all about knowing who will appreciate a card more, and pairing the right sentence with a relevant photo. As in thinking through whether the sentence actually matches the message of the photo in play. Make the right choice, and you’ll be winning rounds left and right!


Each player starts out the round with seven caption cards in their hand. The first person to take a turn selects a photo card from a shuffled deck and places it on the What Do You Meme easel. It is typically placed in front or to the side of the person who drew the photo so everyone can see it easily. After examining the photo, the other players then select a card from their own hand that they feel best matches the content in the picture.

Everyone puts their options face down in the center of the table, and immediately draws from the deck for a replacement card. Once everyone has put down their cards, the person who selected the photo reads everyone’s cards allowed. That person then chooses their favorite card, and the round winner is identified. This person keeps the photo to track how many times they have been identified as a winner. The round ends, and the person to the left begins a new round. The first player to accumulate seven photo cards is, technically, the winner.

What Do You Meme Cards

Though, this game doesn’t really have to have an end. In a party setting, the rules on the box say “play until you’re hungry, then stop to order pizza.” Keep going until it doesn’t make sense to go any longer, and have a blast doing it. The person with the most photo cards at the end takes home the champions crown.

Who Will Enjoy this Game?

 If you are looking for a new, easy party game

Cards against Humanity is a great game and a good go-to, but it’s often gone to a little too often. If you’re going to a party, chances are Cards Against Humanity is going to be brought out. Next time, suggest this card game. It has almost identical gameplay, but will be a breath of fresh air for everyone that has seen the Cards Against Humanity options a little too frequently.

 If you like memes

If everyday you wake up and peruse the latest, greatest memes on the internet, you’re going to love this game. With the quick ability to create your own little pieces of humorous gold and the chance to laugh with your friends, What Do You Meme combines a generational phenomenon with the non-complex gameplay of your favorite party card game.

If you like games that have expansion packs

After a while, these types of games can become overplayed and overdone. What Do You Meme?, however, has multiple expansion packs that help keep this game fresh and fun. With themed decks like the Basic B**ch or stoner expansion packs, you won’t ever have to worry about running into the same ol’ options every time. You’ll keep genuinely laughing for ages.

Who Will Not Like This Game?

If you are looking for a serious game

This game is great for party gathering and casual games. It is unlikely to appeal to more experienced gamers who are looking for something challenging or involved.

If you have young children

This game is advertised as an adult card game, and for good reason. While some of the cards are pretty PG, they can get wildly inappropriate real quick. To protect innocent ears from hearing the atrocities of everyday adult humor, players should be late teens and older.

If you only have 3-4 people

Though this game is designed to work with at least three people, it is more fun when you have more people playing. With more caption cards in play, players have more options to choose from and even more laughs. With a small group, the game gets a little boring pretty fast.

Similar Games

If you like this game, you need to check out Hot Seat. Talk about raunchy, this game puts the skeletons in your closet front and center on display. The person in the hot seat reads out a question. Then everyone, including the player in the hot seat, select a card from their hand that best answers the question. The rest of the players try to guess which answer the hot seat selected and, whoever guesses correctly, wins! This game is super personal, very inappropriate and sexual, and can reveal some of your deepest, darkest secrets. If you’re not afraid to air your dirty laundry, this game will keep you entertained for hours and help you get even closer to your friends.


Drab parties and the same ol’ games are now a thing of the past with What Do You Meme?. You and your friends will be entertained for hours as you switch it up and put together your own hilarious combinations. Whether you’re drinking or just having some good, wholesome fun, you’re not going to regret making this game a regular on your shelf.

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