What is the Difference Between Baseball Cleats, Football Cleats, and Soccer Cleats?

Perhaps you are like me, and didn’t play many sports as a kid. For me, it was baseball. Now, I have a daughter who is getting into sports, which is soccer in her case.

So, we bought her soccer cleats, which I knew because the label said so. I didn’t really pay attention to the actual construction of them.

Fast forward to this past soccer season when the referee began inspecting equipment, and informed one of the players that she had baseball cleats on instead of soccer cleats.

Huh? That’s when it hit me that there is a difference between the different sports cleats. Maybe I had just not considered it before, I remember the light bulb going off that I would need to pay attention should my daughter decide to try a different sport.


metaphorical representation of my reaction that night

The difference among the three types of cleats is relatively straightforward. The difference among the cleats (shoes) is related to the actual cleats (pegs on bottom of shoe) themselves. There is also some difference in look and density of each type.

Baseball Cleats Football Cleats Soccer Cleats
Example Cleats Picture of Baseball Cleats Example of Football Cleats Example of Soccer Cleats
Cleat Construction Medium-length cleats Long (deep) cleats Short cleats
Toe Cleat
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