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We have compiled a list of resources related to the Zoo Warlock deck for Kinghts of the Frozen Throne Standard.

Zoo Warlock is a deck that comes and goes in Hearthstone Standard. The latest iterations after Knights of the Frozen release have managed to take one of the top spots on Vicous Syndicates deck tracker winning percentages…at least for October.

Core List

If you look at Vicious Syndicate’s Zoo Warlock lists, then the core list—created by comparing the two lists—is 24 cards (the overlap). It would probably be more accurate to establish a smaller core list, but then again, if you are looking for a strong Zoo Warlock list then these 24 cards are a good place to start.
To save you the click over, the differences are a small Demon package (2 each of [Bloodfury Potion] and [Crystalweaver] and an extra [Mortal Coil]) vs. more early aggression (2 each of [Fire Fly] and [Vicious Fledgling] and an extra [Saronite Chain Gang])
[Acherus Veteran] x 2
[Flame Imp] x 2
[Malchezaar’s Imp] x 2
[Mortal Coil] x 1
[Patches the Pirate] x 1
[Soulfire] x 2
[Voidwalker] x 1
[Prince Keleseth] x 1
[Darkshire Councilman] x2
[Southsea Captain] x2
[Saronite Chain Gang] x1
[Despicable Dreadlord] x2
[Doomguard] x2
[Bonemare] x2
[Bloodreaver Gul’dan] x1

General Tips

You should be looking for [Prince Keleseth] in your opening mulligan. Prince 2 has the greatest impact on this deck’s winrate.

Deck Guides

Hearthhead: Zoo Warlock Guide – Frozen Throne Deck List (October 2017)

What’s new in this version of Zoolock is the use of one of the more controversial cards of the new set, Prince Keleseth. This card makes use of a new mechanic that involves not having x-mana cards in the deck. In this case, having no 2-mana cards in the deck will result in a +1/+1 buff for every minion left in the deck.

Calling this a wet dream for every Zoolock player would be a clear understatement; in fact, it is not a great problem to leave out 2-mana cards for that archetype, and the battecry affects literally every single card, giving your deck +30/+30 in raw stats.

Hearthstone Top Decks: Warlock Zoo Deck List Guide – October 2017

Warlock Zoo is one of the oldest decks in the history of Hearthstone, even before the days when Gnomes and Goblins were gunning for one another. The deck is relatively cheap to craft besides the three legendaries, and even that is somewhat negotiable (see Card Substitutions below), making it an excellent deck to craft if new to the game or on a budget.

Hearthpwn: Jade Elemental Shaman Guide (Legend #6)

Youtube Videos

Trump’s Zoo Warlock (Rank 3-1, Season 42, Live Stream) (Dekkster Gaming, published September 26, 2017)

KFT Laddering – P1 – Zoo Keleseth Warlock (Day9TV, October 4, 2017)

Forum Threads

Zoo Warlock w/Pirates, from Rank 13 to Legend in 96 games

Rank 3 to Legend Prince Zoo (without DK)

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