Best T-Ball Gloves for Your New Baseball Player

For many baseball players, their baseball glove is iconic and a major part of their identity as a baseball player. So, it is important to get your little leaguer a glove that best fits them.

Of course, we recognize that determining the best baseball glove for your child can be a daunting process because of the many variables: size, brand, model, handedness, durability, “break-in” time, and more.

However, for players at, or around, t-ball age; it is not quite as important to be concerned about all the details. Generally these gloves are either replaced after a few years, or the player has moved on from baseball.

At this age, the two most important criteria are:

  1. Size – You do not necessarily want the typical 11″ glove that many older kids use. Even a 9″ glove may be the best choice for your t-ball player.
  2. Design – You do not need a pure leather glove at this age; those with only a leather palm will suffice. More important is finding a glove designed to assist your t-ball player close the glove (e.g., these are sometimes labeled easy close).

And what is not important is price! You can find a good quality glove without breaking the bank.

Here are best baseball gloves for you to consider as you begin your search to buy your 3-6 year-old their first glove:

Easton Z-Flex ZFX901


  • Does not need to broken in
  • Designed for smaller hands and/or younger ages


  • Two-fingers-in-one-slot design may make transition to other gloves difficult
  • Small size ensures glove will only last 1-2 years


The Easton Youth Z-Flex baseball glove has Z-Flex elastic strips on each side of the palm which provides a soft, flexible youth glove. Also, the palm uses a “2-1-1” design which makes the glove easier to close.

The Velcro wrist strap allows kids to easily adjust the tightness, ensuring the glove remains on the hand without being too tight.

Franklin Sports RTP T-Ball Performance


  • No break-in required (RTP=Ready to Play)
  • Lightweight PVC shell


  • Too big for most kids’ hands (9.5″)
  • Despite advertising no break-in required, the glove is initially stiff

Best T-Ball Gloves: Franklin Sports RTP T-Ball Glove

Franklin has developed the RTP-II technology which allows its gloves to go quickly from the box to your kids’ hand. Franklin claims this glove is one of the lightest and most comfortable gloves available for tee-ball players.

Parents should keep in mind that this gloves measures 9.5 inches which is too large for many t-ball aged children.

This baseball glove is designed to be an entry level, soon-to-be-replaced glove: easy to use, minimal break-in time, and made out of inexpensive but non-durable material.

Rawlings 8.5″ T-Ball Boys’ Players Series


  • Basket Web design makes it easier for small hands to close
  • Price is great for starter glove


  • Made out of synthetic material (fake leather) that will not hold up under heavy use
  • More toy than sports equipment
  • Wrist strap is not adjustable

Best T-Ball Gloves: Rawlings Players Series T-Ball Glove

The Rawlings Boys’ Players Series baseball glove is designed to be an entry level, soon-to-be-replaced glove: easy to use, minimal break-in time, and made out of inexpensive but non-durable material.

The glove should possibly not be included on a list for best t-ball gloves as it is more toy than sports equipment. The glove is ideal for playing catch in the yard or possibly for one year of T-Ball. However, it is unlikely it would hold up for multiple years.

You can purchase the Rawlings glove from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Wilson A200


  • Minimal break-in required
  • Easy to squeeze close


  • Too big for most kids’ hands (10″)


The Wilson A200, like most t-ball gloves, is not made out of leather but, instead, is made of plastic. Despite that, the glove holds up well enough to provide at least 1-2 years of use.

Franklin Sports Neo-Grip TeeBall Glove (9.0″)


  • Good size for many kids’ hands (aged 4-6)
  • Neo-Grip technology meant to help kids catch


  • Difficult to close until broken in

Best T-Ball Gloves: Franklin Sports Neo-Grip

The Franklin Sports Neo-Grip T-Ball glove uses Franklin’s RTP technology to minimize the time required to break-in the glove. Though, the glove will still require some time as several parents have reported that it is stiff out of the box.

Despite that, the glove is high-quality and a great glove to use during the first 1-2 years of playing tee-ball.

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